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Medigap premium rates have always varied dramatically for policies that offer identical coverage. To help you understand the wide range of rates available and how you can save money, Weiss Ratings collects and analyzes millions of premium rates from over 150 insurers offering Medigap insurance. 

The national average cost of a Medigap policy for a 65-year-old female ranged from $479 to $14,496, while pricing disparities on specific plans, like the popular Plan F, can be even more extreme. 

The broad ranges in premium rates for the 10 Standard Medigap Plans are illustrated below:

Plan Highest Premium Lowest Premium Median Premium
A  $14,496  $479  $1,412
B  $8,950  $885  $1,901
C  $6,047  $1,060  $1,955
D  $5,062  $950  $1,726
F  $6,772  $1,067  $1,900
FH  $2,008  $263  $562
G  $5,487  $858  $1,547
K  $2,620  $412  $843
L  $3,833  $737  $1,532
M  $5,302  $876  $1,624
N  $4,405  $773  $1,351


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