Your Customized Guide to Choosing the Best (and Most Affordable) Medicare Supplement Insurance For You

Choosing the right Medigap plan can be frustrating... And expensive if you choose the wrong plan.

This customized guide can help you quickly and easily learn which provider and plan best fits YOUR needs... and YOUR budget.

What's the Best Medicare
Supplement Insurance
for Me?

This Must-Have Guide Answers All Your Questions About Medigap Insurance... And Reveals The Best Provider and Plan for YOU!

Almost everything about choosing Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Insurance can be confusing: From understanding what is -- and what isn't -- covered... to deciding the exact plan you need... to knowing which companies will provide you not just the best coverage, but the best deal as well.

We can help. We don't sell insurance (and never will), so we can tell you things your broker can't or won't... And we show you ALL your options, unlike other guides that only show you a few choices from Medicare supplement providers typically paying them a fee or commission.

This custom guide is designed to help you:

  • Demystify and simplify Medigap insurance -- So you can make confident, well-informed decisions that make sense for your individual needs
  • Identify the insurance that's best for YOU... We spell it all out for you in black and white... Customized to your age, sex and residential zip code
  • Choose from ALL available insurance providers. (And we've been a trusted rating agency for over 45 years. We'll tell you who we recommend, and which providers we feel you should avoid...)
  • Save hundreds (and in many cases, thousands) of dollars in annual premiums... More expensive coverage doesn't necessarily mean better coverage
  • Keep your freedom of choice -- We'll show you how it's possible to choose your own doctors and see specialists... Usually just minutes from your home
  • Come to a decision faster and easier... Without spending countless hours doing research and comparing dozens of complicated plans. You'll know the best plan and provider for you in minutes!
  • And so much more...

Why This Guide is the Only Guide You Need:

It's nearly impossible for you to get this information from your insurance agent -- or anywhere else...

No agents have it. No insurance company has it. No insurance commissioner in any of the 50 states has it either. Not even the federal Medicare administration has it!

That's because we've been collecting insurance company data and rating providers for more than two decades. It's allowed us to amass the most comprehensive Medigap insurance information available anywhere. In fact, top universities and medical schools pay us each year to provide data and analysis.

And since we are 100% independent and not beholden to any insurance providers, we can give you ALL the information you need in order to make an informed decision... With peace of mind.


  • We don't take any fees from insurance providers, so you get completely unbiased, objective information
  • You're not just getting rates and plans from one or two "partner" providers... We provide information on ALL Medicare supplement providers, giving you much more choice
  • Your custom guide gives you the safety rating of every company we list for you. And our insurance ratings are the most accurate and trusted in the industry, confirmed by an independent government study

What Will You Learn from Your Custom Medigap Guide?

For more than 45 years, it has been Weiss Ratings' mission to protect consumers like you, by providing you with 100% independent, unbiased, accurate, and trusted information and ratings on the safety and stability of more than 3,700 insurance providers.

This Medigap Guide was created to give you the information that's crucial for you to know in order to make the best decision for you and your family... not based on marketing hype, promotional fees, or a partnership with a particular provider. You'll learn:

See All Your Options

Unlike other companies who partner with specific insurers, we give you information on ALL possible providers

Enjoy Freedom of Choice

More choice from more plans gives you greater possibility of being able to choose and use your own doctors and specialists

Save Valuable Time & Money

You get your guide in minutes -- saving you hours of tedious research, and, in many cases, thousands of dollars in premiums

Learn the Best and Worst Providers

We don't partner with any providers, so we're not afraid to tell you the best companies... and the ones to stay away from

How Much Could You Save?

Law dictates the coverage in each plan, so all Plan A’s are identical, all Plan B’s are identical, etc., regardless of the provider. The only thing that’s different is the premium they charge. And as you’ll see, those can be wildly different…

Here are a few real-world examples taken from actual insurance company data on April 2, 2018, along with our safety rating of the providers. We think you'll agree the difference in annual premiums—and the savings you could enjoy by having this information—are dramatic:

Male | Age 75 | Living in PA | Plan A

Highest Premium: $11,801.64 (D+ rated)

Lowest Premium: $958.00 (B+ rated)

YOUR SAVINGS: $10,843.64

Female | Age 65 | Living in ID | Plan FH

Highest Premium: $2,004.08 (C- rated)

Lowest Premium: $244.00 (B- rated)

YOUR SAVINGS: $1,760.08

Male | Age 75 | Living in NH | Plan F

Highest Premium: $8121.96 (A- rated)

Lowest Premium: $1,820.28 (B+ rated)

YOUR SAVINGS: $6,301.68

Don't pay thousands more than you should for the exact same coverage.

Get your customized Medigap guide today.

Premiums quoted are annual premiums and were accurate as of 4/1/2018. Ratings for providers are as posted on on 4/1/2018.

Here's what actual customers had to say about their customized Weiss Ratings Medicare Supplement guide...

"Peace of Mind"

I’ve tried to understand the web of information on Medicare, Advantage, and Medigap without success. I found no one who seemed to offer an unbiased view of how it all worked.

I ordered the guide and it offered a great explanation of Medigap and accurate comparisons.

The guide gave me peace of mind knowing the advice my agent was giving me was accurate. It was well worth the price, and I recommend it to friends and family.

-- Alan S.

"Saved Me Scads of Time"

I've been inundated with brochures and other marketing materials for countless providers.

None of them tells the whole story, and comparing them would be a Herculean task.

I bought your guide, read it and have chosen the right plan for me.

I love the guide. It tied everything together and saved me scads of time!

-- Carol C.