Weiss Ratings is the nations leading independent provider of ratings and research for the bank and insurance industries.  Weiss accepts no payment or other compensation for its ratings from rated institutions. The Weiss Ratings' mission is to assist both consumers and professionals in making informed financial decisions.

For more than 20 years, Weiss Ratings has had an unparalleled track record warning of the weaknesses of hundreds of insurance companies and financial institutions that subsequently failed.  Weiss Ratings strives for fairness and objectivity in its ratings and analysis.

Through our work with insurance companies, Weiss Ratings developed a database of Medicare supplement (Medigap) insurance policy premium rates.  We make these rates available to consumers, academic and government institutions, insurance carriers and agents.    

Medigap plan benefits are mandated by the government for 10 standardized plans. So, you would think prices would be the same, or at least similar.  But, Weiss Ratings found that is not the case.  Private insurers sell Medigap plans for widely differing prices.  So, it's important to compare plan premiums before visiting your insurance representative to purchase a plan.

Wonder why prices vary widely?  Unlike many products, there are few places where you can compare "real" prices.  That puts buyers at a disadvantage.  Because without price transparency, how will you know if you are paying a fair price? 

Medicare.gov provides only estimates for Medigap plans.  Most insurance agents can only provide quotes for the plans they sell.  And while there are many offers on the internet to compare prices, they generally require your contact information and then provide only two or three quotes -- for the few plans they sell. Once you share your contact information, you may receive a slew of calls or e-mails from insurance agents that now have your contact information.   

Weiss doesn't sell insurance.  We provide a truly comprehensive, objective view of Medicare supplement (Medigap) premium rates.  And you will not be contacted as a result of using the Medigap Report, unless you request to be contacted.

The Weiss Ratings Medigap Report gives you access to "real" prices for plans that will be available to you based on age, gender and zip code so you can truly compare plan benefits and prices.  These are the same premium rates Weiss researches and provides to insurance companies. Whether you are an insurance professional or a consumer, the Weiss Medigap Power Planner is a great resource.

The Weiss Ratings Medigap Report also gives you access to the Weiss Financial Strength Ratings for the insurance carriers offering  Medigap insurance plans.  Being a policyholder of a weak or failed insurance company can be unsettling, full of uncertainties and pitfalls. Weiss Ratings recommends that consumers do business with institutions rated B+ (good) or better, if possible.   

If you're a consumer, the Weiss customized Report is designed to help you choose the best and least expensive Medicare supplement (Medigap) insurance.

If you're an insurance professional, your customers will truly appreciate a chance to see all the plans and plan premiums that would be available to them.  When customers have access to real comparison information, they are better equipped to make informed decisions,.and they're more likely to appreciate the professional guidance you provide.  

To make sure you are getting a fair deal, compare premiums.  Just order your personalized Weiss Medigap Report now!

If you're an insurance professional and want to learn more about the Weiss Ratings' Medigap database or Weiss Ratings' tools for insurance professionals, e-mail us at [email protected]