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Popular Medigap Plans

An analysis of over 5 million Medigap enrollees data in 2016, showed 58.6% of enrollees chose Plan F.  The next most popular, although a distant second, is Plan G which represents 18.2% of the total amount spent.  Then Plans N and C are about 5% each.

Why is Plan F so popular?  When the original Plans A through J were offered, each plan had increasingly more benefits and was generally increasingly more expensive.  Plan A was the bare-bones basic plan and Plan J was the top of the line with the most benefits and generally the most expensive.  Right in the middle was Plan F which, on the spectrum of increasingly more benefits, was the first plan to offer 100% coverage on Part B excess charges and the Part B deductible.  

As the Part B deductible becomes an uninsurable item in 2020, Plan C and F will no longer be sold to new enrollees. Look to see a large growth in Plan D and G enrollees as they offer the same benefits as Plans C and F, without the Part B deductible coverage.
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