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About Medigap Plans

To make comparing policies from one insurer to another easier Congress standardized and simplified Medigap plans.  This means that all Medigap insurers offer the same exact policy (though some companies may offer only a few of the plans).  If you live in Wisconsin, Massachusetts, or Minnesota there are different types of Medigap plans that are sold in your state but are still standardized across insurers in each state.

Starting in 2020 Plans C and F are to be discontinued and a high deductible version of Plan G will be introduced. Only if you were first eligible for Medicare prior to January 1, 2020 will you be able to enroll in Plans C or F. Plans D and G have the same coverage as Plans C and F respectively, less the Part D deductible that was normally provided at a substantial premium by insurers. Note, not all insures will continue to offer these plans, even to those who are eligible. In Part II we provide you with a table that outlines what each of the plans cover.

It is important to remember that premiums on Medigap plans can vary greatly, depending on the plan you choose and from which company you buy. Coverage is more expansive than through a Medicare Advantage plan but at a higher price.  The advantage of a Medigap policy is that it offers you the freedom to choose your own doctors or specialists and coverage regardless of which clinic or hospital you utilize.

To see a benefit comparison of the 10 Standard Medigap Plans available, click here.